The aggressor country occupying Crimea has made the illegal Kerch Strait bridge something of a cult object, using it profusely in domestic propaganda for its fellow citizens. As such, the bridge is often photographed and video’ed, providing us with a lot of materials to analyze. Now, let us try and answer the question: “Who actually builds the infamous bridge?”

Here is a recent video titled “Crossing a temporary service bridge by car” featuring temporary bridge No.3 connecting Kerch and fairway arch supports of the illegal transport facility.  To get to the bridge one has to have special clearance; the video features a car driving ahead (RENAULT DUSTER, license plates Е664ЕО777) which, according to the information from open sources is owned by Federal State Unitary Enterprise “All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company”.

Let us watch the video.

We can see a new Kobelco cks1350 crane (Japan).

The crane’s counterweight has its Russian owner’s logo – GREENKRAN, a company leasing out foreign cranes.

Further down the bridge we can see a Sennebogen (Germany) crawler crane.

Italian equipment is also used in the construction of the illegal bridge: we see a CIFA truck-mounted concrete pump.

There are various concrete mixer trucks with OGMR logo on their doors. The logo probably stands for

OGMR “MOKON”, PJSC “MOSTOTREST”  – this company builds bridge structures.

There are many crawler cranes, for example, Liebherr HS 855.

FUWA QUY150A (China) crawler crane. Spare parts for the crane are easily available online.

Another video also shot on temporary bridge No.3 shows Liebherr crawler cranes.

Liebherr HS855 crane.

Sany SCC 500 (China) crane owned by Mostotrest.

JCB generators and a JCB loader.

Hitachi Sumitomo crawler crane.

Concrete mixing trucks manufactured by Russian company CJSC “KOMZ-Export” (marketed under the brand name TIGARBO).

Piling equipment.

Here is an old hydraulic hammer requiring maintenance and repairs. Who provides these services?

Junttan hydrohammer power station – clearly, a piece of old, second-hand equipment.

Sennebogen crawler crane (Germany).

Another similar video titled “Driving down the construction project of the century” uploaded on July 22, 2016, to the Crimean Bridge youtube channel where the occupants post their videos to brag about the illegal construction. The video features a part of temporary bridge No.2 from the occupied Ukrainian Tuzla Island to the Eastern fairway arch support. We can see piles being driven in the territorial waters of Ukraine to serve as supports for the highway bridge. There are three pile-driving platforms using vibratory hammers manufactured by French company PTC-FAYAT GROUP, the subject-matter of our earlier investigation

BridgeGate: Video of French Company PTC Fayat Group Includes Footage of Illegal Construction of the Kerch Strait Bridge


There are virtually no Russian-made machinery or equipment in these videos about the construction of the Kerch Strait bridge. Hence the question: were it not for this state-of-the-art foreign equipment, could the aggressor have tackled a project of this scale and complexity? Of course, not. Which means that these big global brands, these companies with a history, reputation and prospects, are, in fact, accessories (either intentionally or recklessly) to the illegal construction project undertaken by the occupants in violation of Ukraine’s sovereign rights.

But that’s not all. We can see glimpses of well-known Western companies virtually in every Russian media report from the construction site. Such videos are aplenty; one of them – merely by way of example – is the Channel One report below.


“Pile-driving equipment used in the Kerch Strait is one of the most powerful in the world,” brags Channel One reportcaster while the video shows us a vibratory hammer manufactured by Dutch company PVE.

We can also see the company’s logo on the control console held by the equipment operator.

We have also ascertained the supplier of the control system for this high-tech equipment.

The question remains: is such frequent use of Western companies’ logos in the propaganda materials supporting the illegal annexation of the Ukrainian peninsular, violating Ukraine’s sovereign rights and causing moral damage to its citizens approved by these companies’ management? And, if not, where is their response to the illegal use of their trademarks? Any lawsuits at all?

Volunteers of the Myrotvorets (Peacemaker) OSINT website continue the investigation of the use of foreign-made equipment in the illegal construction of the Kerch Strait bridge.

Kateryna Yaresko

This is an English version of the article published on September 13, 2017.

The investigation begins here:

Illegal Crimean Bridge construction: JUNTTAN hydraulic hammer spotted at the site

BridgeGate: corporate video of french company PTC FAYAT GROUP includes footage of illegal construction of the Kerch strait bridge


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