BridgeGate: corporate video of french company PTC FAYAT GROUP includes footage of illegal construction of the Kerch strait bridge

The occupants have used equipment made by French company PTC Fayat Group in the illegal construction of the bridge in the Kerch Strait violating Ukraine’s sovereignty. This investigation will show that this has been done with the company’s knowledge.

In an article dated March 08, 2017, propagandists of the aggressor country wrote about “the construction project of the century”, i.e. the Kerch Strait bridge: the article appeared simultaneously in several major propaganda periodicals (archive).

Thanks to the publication, not only can we learn the names of the persons who violate Ukraine’s sovereignty but also see the high-tech equipment of major world companies used in the illegal construction. This is very important, as without foreign technologies the construction of the bridge would be impossible.

The very first picture shows a PTC-manufactured vibratory hammer (in the background).

The homepage (archive) of the PTC website includes a video from the company’s corporate Youtube channel (uploaded on July 20, 2016).

The video includes crane transfer of the vibratory hammer from the truck (which brought the hammer to the temporary bridge) to the offshore platform where it will drive in piles for the Kerch Strait bridge.

A similar picture can be seen on another video which we mentioned in our investigation into the deliveries of hammers to Kerch for the construction of the Kerch Strait bridge.

After comparing the two pictures it becomes clear that the pictures and videos were taken in one place: the Kerch Strait bridge construction site (due to a significant time gap between the filmings, the location of some other equipment on the platform differs).

Another video (copy) uploaded on March 03, 2017, shows the use of the vibratory hammer manufactured by PTC in the illegal construction carried out by the occupants in violation of the international law.

We believe that the inclusion of footage from the construction of the Kerch Strait bridge in the corporate video evidences that PTC Fayat Group knew where and for what purposes they supplied the equipment. The materials posted on the company’s official website are published on its behalf, are the responsibility of specific company officials and are usually subject to legal due diligence before publication.

Regretfully, after reviewing all facts, we have to conclude that the official position of the EU company is to aid and abet the occupation of a part of Ukraine by the aggressor.

In view of the above, we would like to have an official reply from the company executives clarifying the following:

  1. Since when the company managers have become aware of the use of their equipment in the illegal construction violating Ukraine’s sovereignty?
  2. Have any company employees or persons somehow affiliated with/representing the company visited the Kerch Strait bridge construction site? Has the company or its representatives set up the equipment, supplied spare parts and/or trained any personnel?
  3. Which company representatives are responsible for the use of the high-tech equipment made in a EU country in the illegal construction and for the inclusion of the Kerch Strait bridge footage in the corporate video?

Volunteers of the Myrotvorets (Peacemaker) OSINT website continue the investigation of the use of foreign-made equipment in the illegal construction of the Kerch Strait bridge.

The investigation begins here:

Illegal Crimean Bridge construction: JUNTTAN hydraulic hammer spotted at the site

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