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The Center was established in March 2014, when Russia started a military aggression against Ukraine, when it invaded and captured a part of the territories of our sovereign and independent state. Back then, all the motivated men in the Army, border guard service, state security and intelligence agencies had to physically stand up for our country. The uniformed services faced formidable challenges and had no human or technical resources or time to spare in order to carry out all the painstaking and hard work that the Myrotvorets Center took on itself.

Myrotvorets volunteers also created their information web site, which has evolved into an independent non-governmental media outlet.

Since the inception, hundreds of people have provided help to the Center – including those from the territories occupied by the Russian aggressor, and from other countries. The Center also received substantial assistance from a number of Ukrainian politicians across the political spectrum. Despite political differences they might have, they were passionate about the fate of their country. When Ukraine found itself under threat, they all consolidated around one common goal: saving independence, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ukraine, and, most importantly, ensure security and safety of our citizens.

As of October 2019, the Myrotvorets website has the following data:
* records of over 30,000 identified Russian war criminals, who have been killing Ukrainians. The collected personal records contain photos, copies of documents, military unit attributions, etc;
* records of more than 70,000 terrorists, militants, mercenaries, members of illegal armed groups and private armies controlled by Russia;
* about 40,000 records of illegal crossings the State Border of Ukraine;
* records of over 44,000 traitors, who broke their Oath, and sided with Russian invaders or Russia-backed terrorist organizations;
* records of more than 6,000 anti-Ukrainian propagandists and associates of the Russian aggressor who participate in the information war against Ukraine, justify the aggression and war crimes of Russia against Ukraine;
* records of other actions bearing signs of crimes and offenses against state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and of their perpetrators.

Ukrainian courts use the information published on the Myrotvorets website at all stages of judicial proceedings, from the pre-trial investigations and to the sentencing to combatants, mercenaries, and war criminals.

People from the territories occupied by Russian invaders transmit important information via Myrotvorets to Ukrainian state authorities with a substantial risk to their lives and freedom. We are proud that over the years we have earned trust of so many brave people. We are especially proud that such people live in Ukraine.

However, Myrotvorets is not just a data resource with names of criminals and offenders. The Center has organized many other social and media projects, namely:

* IDentigraF, a face recognition system funded by people around the world. We raised funds for the necessary software and hardware in small donations from more than 40 countries helped us. Our statesmen and politicians also contributed to the development of this project. The system which went online in 2017 allows to identify criminals and persons, whose actions bear signs of crimes against Ukraine and its citizens. With over 2,000,000 relevant photos, we have the largest evidence base.

* Sea Krime, a section of the site recording illegal shipments to and from the occupied Crimea. We have published hundreds of relevant journalistic investigations that are used by the state authorities of Ukraine and other countries.

* Radio Myrotvorets, a collection of more than a thousand retro and contemporary Ukrainian songs of different styles and genres, which have become parts of our culture and history;

* Myrotvorets NEWS, a news portal publishing materials of numerous researches and investigations carried out by the team of the Center;

* Ukraine-NOW, a section of the site containing over 6,000 positive news stories (on Nov/2019) carefully collected and published over the last two years dedicated to the achievements of our country during the Russian aggression. These stories are about state formation processes in Ukraine, innovations, discoveries, achievements in various sectors (including, defense, industry and agriculture, medicine, science and technology) about new factories built, big and small enterprises founded, about success of our citizens in different spheres of life;

* Ukraine-Defence, a section of the site containing information about security and defence of Ukraine.

Myrotvorets has become a thorn in the side of the Russian invaders, their associates, traitors, and enemies of the independent and integral Ukraine. We see concerted and consistent efforts to shut down Myrotvorets. Powerful Russian propaganda machine is the major source of negative and fake information about the activities of the Center pushed aggressively through all kinds of media and channels. The backlash against Myrotvorets is not surprising, as we have recorded and published irrefutable evidence and testimony for the whole civilized world to see the military presence of Russia, the war crimes committed by Russian military men and mercenaries, Russia-backed militants and terrorist organizations acting against Ukraine, its citizens, peace, and humanity.

The Myrotvorets Center carries out its activity in strict accordance with the laws of Ukraine and international legal acts ratified by our country. The list of the applicable regulatory documents is available on our site in the section “About the Center. Grounds for Center’s Activities“. The list is far from exhaustive, however, the reference to the Constitution is sufficient for every citizen of Ukraine to assist us in every possible way rather than hinder our work:

Article 17. Protecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, ensuring its economic and information security, shall be the most important function of the State and a matter of concern for all the Ukrainian people.

The content for the Myrotvorets website derives from well-known and publicly available open sources, such as social networks, web media, specialized forums, blogs, traditional mass media, radio and TV broadcasts.

The Myrotvorets Center is an independent, non-governmental organization established by a group of researchers, lawyers, journalists, teachers, military men and experts investigating of the crimes against the national security of Ukraine, peace, humanity and international law.

The Center is not funded by any state or non-governmental organization, nor does it belong to any governmental structure.

Today, the Myrotvorets Center is a reliable shield of our State, a powerful information weapon in its defense.

Myrotvorets Center
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